Aromatherapy : The use of botanical oil extracts. Aroma scents has the power to transform our emotions and heal our bodies. Essential oils contain natural ingredients which work to enhance or balance the hormones, negative ions in the environment and their frequency levels. In addition it also provides relief and positive impact on our body, mind and spirit.


Experience the power of Aromatherapy in A’Fresh® Airepeutic® concentrate solutions


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  • New Cyclone Air Separation Technology – Creates an ‘air tunnel’ channeling the polluted air directly into the water of the revitalisor unit. The cyclone air separation technology accelerates to create a centrifugal force so powerful that it removes even microscopic dust particles (as small as cigarette smoke.
  • NEW improved sound dampening design – You probably won’t even know it’s switched on. You may not hear it but you’ll certainly continue to enjoy the maximum fresh air.


MOSPELL® Nature’s Best Defense Against Mosquitoes!

MOSPELL® products using natural essential oil to repel mosquitoes.

New biotechnology to extract essential oils, enable to provide high Natural Repelling Strength.

MOSPELL® Self-Diffusion Technology effect to repelling mosquito and other insect like cockroaches and flies. No electricity or burning activation.

MOSPELL® products are tested and Proven by USM and SIRIM.


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